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I think that’s a mistake

by on February 14, 2010

Biden Bites Cheney!
Just kidding, but the coverage of the aired-at-the-same-time, filmed-at-different-times Sunday news shows (Biden on NBC, Cheney on ABC) will make it sound that way. But really, I just want to look a quote from Cheney:

Now, President Obama has taken [options for ‘enhanced interrogation’] off the table. He announced when he came in last year that they would never use anything other than the U.S. Army Manual which doesn’t include those techniques. I think that’s a mistake,” Cheney said in an exclusive interview on “This Week.

I’m just wondering; does anyone actually live in this alternate universe? Have you ever met anyone that runs around proclaiming the efficacy of torture? I never have. …And yes, I just called ‘enhanced interrogation,’ ‘torture.’ It is.
Does this world actually exist? Where the most secure feeling is one where you frequently resort to torture? Where are these people? It’s a mistake to not torture people? Ummm… ARE YOU SURE YOU WERE THE VICE PRESIDENT OF A DEMOCRACY? I wonder if he-who-must-not-be-Cheneyed really thinks it’s a mistake.

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