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Most Important

by on February 2, 2010

What’s the most important element in society that needs commenting on?  Should there be commentary on everything?  I’m going to write about what I find most intriguing.  That’s a sad, but almost definitely, almost always, true fact.  Someone else, somewhere else, will write about things that are most interesting to them; I may miss those stories entirely.  I apologize.  It is the problem of those who write that they cannot write about everything?

But what is most important?  I call this social commentary.  Should I be commenting most on sociology?  On mathematics and science; NASA?  On natural evolution, geology, Earth history?  Should I be commenting on politics – international politics, national politics, local politics, the policies of a single group or person?  Healthcare?  War?  Torture? Environmental policy? Economics? Just political economics, or the larger aspects of economics (they are related)?

At various times, all of those topics sound interesting to comment on.  I can only comment on what I have some knowledge of, or write a flaming opinion-piece about something in which I have no knowledge.  And I can only write about something that sparks my attention.

I realize that  when I write ‘social commentary’ and leave out everything on popular entertainment that a lot is missing.  There’s not much I can do about that, unless you want some opinion pieces, and even those won’t be very accurate.  So I know that’s a part of ‘social commentary,’ and I choose to leave that for the more interested and more informed.

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