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Bipartisan FAIL

by on February 1, 2010

It seems

almost like a lot of misleading fluff designed to fill the void that should follow an understanding of the foregoing, at least on the subject of ‘why no bipartisanship?’  There’s really nothing more to be said about ‘why no bipartisanship,’ once one recognizes the GOP party discipline (emphasis original). On this issue, it’s absolutely astounding to blame Obama or even the Congressional leadership (although Pelosi and Reid leave much to be desired otherwise).  It’s doubly astounding that the GOP did it once before, less perfectly, but with a very large reward for bad behavior in the form of the 1994 mid-term elections.  Yet no one calls them on it effectively, and bad behavior seems about to be rewarded again…

Read the actual conversation at the top of the article. It is an apparently word-for-word conversation about how ‘bipartisanship’ works.

“If Democrats could find a way to talk about structural issues — if everyone can find a way to talk about them — that would be at least a step. And the Dems could talk about the simple impossibility of governing when the opposition is committed to ‘No’ as a bloc,” seems like a pipe dream by James Fallows. But who can blame him. He outlined, in this one post (go read it!) the failures of our federal legislative system. Thankfully, that’s just one branch of the federal government. There are (if they are still functioning) other branches of the federal government, and (also, hopefully still functioning) state governments.

The thing is, the conversation doesn’t end here. And there will be more elections in the future. Hopefully, things stay together.

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