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by on January 29, 2010

Today is the 65 Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It’s time to check in and see if we are where we want to be.
Thought interruption
This is an issue that hurts to write about. it’s much easier not to think about, to write about, Auschwitz, Treblinka, World War II, or any other issues of contention.
Response to Thought Interruption
That’s part of the problem. No one wants to think about, write about, consider, confront, deal with, any of these issues. They’re so much easier to avoid. Let’s move on about our daily lives. Our daily lives containing high unemployment, several wars, poverty – and on the bright side, a good response to an earthquake. Yes, let’s move on and forget the past.
Continuation of thought
It seems right, necessary and proper, to confront these issues. Not just trying to figure out why Virginia banned the new edition of Anne Frank’s diary. That was an odd decision, Virginia. We can expect the Deep South to want control over literature. But not Virginia, not The Old Dominion. Not the state of glory.
I’m getting sidetracked, a bit. Where are we? What did we take away from when the Big Red One liberated Auschwitz? Israel became a state. Now it’s a police state, or close to it. Then again, so are we … but nobody will tell you that. Israel thinks the best solution to the Palestinian Problems (oops, did I just call it that) is to build walls, deprive a nation of jobs, and enforce ways of life – sound familiar? Think ghetto. Countries want nukes. After all, we’re all safer when we all play M.A.D., right?
Things aren’t all bad. Miranda, Roe, Loving Brown v. Board of Ed. made sure of that. That’s some progress. All suggested by the same court that at times overturns those decisions. Most countries have a political system. Is it the system they want? Well … there don’t seem to be many choices. DEMOCRACY, or we say nothing works. We’ll make sure nothing works.
Strangely, there’s still hope. There’s always hope, but a lack of bad sure is nice. We’ll take hope. Just give us a reason. We need a reason.
Destroy the modern Auschwitz’s. It’s time to do things right.

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