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by on January 25, 2010

I just added several external links to this site.  They include things like The Nation, Andrew Sullivan (@The Atlantic), John Scalzi, Think Progress, Ezra Klein (@Washington Post), and Podcars.  I’ll leave that last one for you to figure out, and there are several other links.  These comprise the bulk of my online reading, but not all of it.

Now, for all of those of you who wonder, “where does he get his information,” I always link to it, and now I’ve provided several of the links.  But I’ll keep commenting on the things I find.  I’ll keep commenting on the social madness, the social mores, and the social decay (or whatever is the opposite of decay).

Now there are links, when there used to be none.  Sometimes there will be comments; sometimes there will be none.  What  fun!

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