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Levi Johnston and the gays

by on December 11, 2009

Remember the gays in Wasilla, Alaska? The ones who can see Russian gays from their porch? Neither do I, but they are there (but I don’t think they can see Russia, or the Russian gays).

Here’s a letter to Levi Johnston, of Sarah Palin and co. fame, from the gay community in Wasilla.

Perhaps you don’t think you’ve seen us because you don’t know what we look like: We look like Alaskans. Really.
Did you expect us to shop at the Wasilla Fred Meyer looking like Adam Lambert at the AMA’s? Did you expect us to kiss in line at Home Depot? We have strong survival instincts and know better than to look, act, or talk queeny in a town like this. You might not know we’re gay, but I’m sure you’ve seen us.

(hat tip, Andrew Sullivan)

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