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The reasons

by on December 10, 2009

Who am I? Why do I have a blog, and why should you read it? Can anyone blog? These questions plague me now that I have a blog beyond facebook. Of course, the question ‘who am I?’ has long plagued me, as it should. But now, let me use a blog to study that question.

Anyone can blog. Not everyone can blog well; it takes a skill with words, with an audience (is there one?), and with a use of sources, or, on an opinion-based post, a consistency with an open mind to any responses. I’m under the impression, because I read as well as write, that a good blog has to keep its audience interested. Not every post has to be interesting to every person — although I try to make all posts applicable in some way to everybody — but there has to be something interesting for everyone. So, what am I writing about here? By ‘who am I?’ I mean, I think, what would I write about here. The answer is that I write about the past, the future; education, family, politics, and the frequently intangible things that make up our world.

Why should you read what I have to say? Well, that is up to you. You may know me; at this point, I think you do. So I hope you read because something here interests you.

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